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"All Problems Are Interpersonal Relationship Problems."  - Alfred Adler (Founder of Individual Psychology)

"All Problems Are Interpersonal Relationship Problems." 
- Alfred Adler (Founder of Individual Psychology)

Creating Intimate, Loving, & Powerful Relationships With Yourself & Others!

Creating Intimate, Loving, & Powerful 
Relationships With Yourself & Others!

A 20-Video Online Course (nearly 20 hours) that will teach you the Advanced Relationship 
Development Model, and the core teachings Jenny uses with her Private Clients.  

A 20-Video Online Course (nearly 20 hours) that will teach you the Advanced Relationship 
Development Model, and the core teachings Jenny uses with her Private Clients.  

This is a 20-Video Online Course (nearly 20 hours of content) that includes the core teachings that Jenny uses with her Private Clients.

What Is Included In This Online Course


The Advanced Relationship Development Model is the main framework and curriculum I use with all of my clients (Private Clients, Women's Groups, Live Events, Etc.). It has been developed over years of research, learning, and testing, and gives specific frameworks, processes, tools & techniques that you can use to more effectively navigate your relationship to yourself, life, and others.  


The Advanced Relationship Blueprint shows you the difference between Traditional Relationship and Advanced Relationship, and includes ways to identify which way you are relating to yourself, life and/or others in any given moment in time.  

THE P.O.E.T PROCESS (Mastery Video #2):

After learning a variety of coaching and therapeutic models, I found that there are 4 essential steps in the healing and transformation process. I noticed that each of the models I studied and learned includes one or more of these essential steps. 

The POET Process was designed as a complete illustration showing you how to move from a Traditional way of relating, to an Advanced way of relating...with yourself, life, and others in any given moment. 

I apply a variety of coaching and therapeutic models to each of these four steps. I have found that the order of these four steps is extremely important, and understanding that has gotten many clients unstuck. 

This process has been hands-down the most helpful thing I have ever created for use in my own life, and in my work with clients.  


No matter how Advanced you become in your ability to relate to yourself, life and others, and no matter how much you grow, you will always have your limits.

Your intimacy capacity illustrates ways to assess your limits, and what to do when you get to your edges and begin to feel overwhelmed or triggered.

The Four Access Points are the four doorways through which you can apply the P.O.E.T Process when you hit these limits.   


I believe that as an individual you are a complete whole. Think of a yin-yang symbol ☯️. 

You, as an individual, are a complete yin-yang. You have both sides of all polarities within you...including: masculine & feminine, dark & light, emotional & logical, back & front, right & left, etc.).  

When you enter into a relationship with anyone...whether a spouse, a child, a friend, etc. it is like two yin-yang's now come together to create another yin-yang that encompasses the two of you (who are both still whole yin-yang's yourself)...and so it goes.  

When you find yourself in conflict...whether it's with yourself, or's usually a sign of imbalance.  

Understanding how to harmonize & integrate the polarities & paradoxes (which may appear as opposites) within yourself, and in relationship with others, will allow you to move through tension and conflict in more productive and useful ways.  

INTEGRATION & THE SKILLS (Mastery Videos #5-20):  

How to integrate the four Relationship Philosophies listed above, including a variety of  tools, techniques, examples & mindsets that are applied to the process.  Each of these lessons includes a Mastery Assignment that you can use to practice The Advanced Relationship way.

Get Instant Access To The Advanced 
Relationship Mastery Course for $299.

Get Instant Access To The Advanced Relationship Mastery Course for $299

When you purchase the Advanced Relationship Mastery Course, you will receive an email with your account information & instant access to begin the course

When you purchase the Advanced Relationship Mastery Course, you will receive
an email with your account information, and instant access to begin the Course.

If you have questions about the course, email Jenny at


"I have loved learning the POET process that Jenny teaches and I use it all the time. I have read about other approaches but POET works the best for me. I am loving learning about masculine and feminine energy. I feel like this understanding was really the missing piece in my marriage!" 

Since working with Jenny I have had people tell me I seem more real and that makes me feel really good. I feel more like myself and more comfortable in my own skin."

- Becky J.

"For about 10 years, I felt like I was alive but not living. I finally decided about five months ago that things were not going to get better for me until I found someone who could guide me through the process of making things better.

There is so much advice out there that may be valid but lacks practical tools to implement measurable, lasting change...Jenny's P.O.E.T process has become a daily road map for helping me to figure out what these powerful emotions are that I have been experiencing for some time, what they mean, and how to use that information to move forward toward the connection and intimacy I want in life.

Jenny gets it. Whenever I listen to her, what she has to say resonates with me. Her understanding of complex human interactions and emotions that can be so overwhelming, and her ability to take them apart into bite-sized, manageable, pieces has been AMAZING!"

John B.

"Jenny has been patient with me in letting me figure out where to go deep inside to discover the root of my problem.  She has gently guided me to the place that I needed to recognize so that I could move beyond the immediate problem and recognize the core of the problem.  

This has helped me to go deeper into myself and begin the work of healing and repairing my relationships.  I am able to be more relaxed with myself and others because I now go to the core of my anxiety, and not dwell on the surface of the problems.  Thank you Jenny for your help!”

Jeri W.

Words are inadequate to portray the process I have experienced.  The skills and processes that Jenny has taught me have created a more integrated life experience. It’s as if I have been given a sixth sense in emotional development.
Through coaching with Jenny, I have developed a more mature emotional quotient. This maturity has impacted all aspects of my life. I have seen a will to thrive that was lacking before.
Relationships are now tools to transform rather than coping mechanisms to fill voids. I feel going into the future I have a sense of purpose that is not dependent on an other and therefore more grounded.  

I feel a profound gratitude for Jenny. It is clear that she not only is a teacher but also practices what she preaches.

- Hannah N.

"Working with Jenny has been fantastic. I've seen a few therapists, and all have been helpful in some way. But working with Jenny is different. Coaching is different. She has a way of staying with you right where you are, so you can actually experience it and heal, instead of just trying to fix it in your head. If you're not where you want to be, you're not going to get there alone. 

Having Jenny "on my team" has helped me grow leaps and bounds towards the goals I wanted but was too afraid to go for 100% before. If you don't plan on going anywhere don't work with her - but if you've got some place to go and you really want to get there, Jenny is one of the best guides! Thanks Jenny!"

- Scott M.

"Working with Jenny has helped me so much! My relationships with my family and myself have really grown while learning the P.O.E.T process she teaches. I feel more checked in to my life. I now have some great tools to get what I want out of life and to create stronger relationships. I am finally building the life I want instead of just coasting along!"

- Amanda N.

"Jenny’s insight has opened the door for emotional freedom, ease of mind, and a sense of security that lead to deep and real healing. She worked with me to form associations and images that produced in me an authentic, personalized peacefulness. 

Just the other day I brought to mind what Jenny and I had come up with, and a sense of calm enveloped my whole body. As my shoulders relaxed and a sigh escaped, my partner exclaimed from across the table, 'Wow, that's the most relaxed I've seen you all day'. Thank you Jenny!"

- Rosie L. 

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