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Advanced Relationship Coaching (ARC) Model

The ADVANCED RELATIONSHIP COACHING MODEL (ARC) has been developed over years of research, learning, and testing, and gives specific frameworks, processes, tools & techniques that you can use to more effectively navigate your relationship to yourself, life, and others.  


The Advanced Relationship Blueprint illustrates the connection between the ways you relate to yourself, others, and life, and what you create in your life.  

The Advanced Relationship Blueprint shows you the difference between Traditional Relationship and Advanced Relationship, and how this correlates with Traditional Manifestations or Advanced Manifestations.

It also includes ways to identify which type of Relationship, and therefore Manifestation, or creation, you are engaging in, in any given moment in time.


After learning a variety of coaching and therapeutic models, I found that there are 4 essential steps in creating the life & relationships you really want. I noticed that each of the coaching models & each of the therapy models I had studied, was focused on one, or more, of these essential steps. 

The P.O.E.T. Process was designed to illustrate the complete process of HOW to become the creator, or the P.O.E.T., in your own life... showing you how to move from Traditional Manifestations to Advanced Manifestations by exploring the way that you are relating to yourself, life & others. 

I apply a variety of coaching and therapeutic models to each of these four steps. I have found that the order of these four steps is extremely important, and understanding the order of the steps has gotten many clients unstuck. 

This process has been hands-down the most helpful thing I have ever created for use in my own life, and in my work with clients.  


No matter how Advanced you become in your ability to relate, and therefore create, you will always have your limits.

Your Intimacy Capacity illustrates ways to assess your limits, and what to do when you get to your edges and begin to feel overwhelmed or triggered.

The Four Access Points are the growth points through which you can apply the P.O.E.T Process, to increase your capacity.


I believe that as an individual you are a complete whole. Think of a yin-yang symbol ☯️. 

You, as an individual, are a complete yin-yang. You have both sides of all polarities within you...including: masculine & feminine, dark & light, emotional & logical, back & front, right & left, etc.).  

When you enter into a relationship with anyone...whether a spouse, a child, your boss, a friend, etc. it is like two yin-yang's now come together to create another yin-yang that encompasses the two of you (who are both still whole yin-yang's yourself)...and so it goes.  

When you find yourself in struggle or conflict...whether it's with yourself, life, or's usually a sign of imbalance.  

Understanding how to harmonize & integrate the polarities within yourself, and in relationship with others, will allow you to move through struggle, tension, and conflict in more productive and useful ways.  


Conscious Communication is a conversational format that teaches you the steps and tools for having more effective & creative conversations with yourself & others, in the face of conflict, struggle, and differences.  


The 5 Stages of Manifestation, are the Stages through which the P.O.E.T Process can be applied to create the life and relationships you really want.


All of the different tools & techniques that are applied to the sections above.  


Coaching & Accountability gives a structure to keep you focused on learning and practicing the skills, and includes a place to ask questions, make mistakes, and learn how to apply everything that's useful to your unique situation.

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