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Personal Coaching for Individuals

What You Create Is A Mirror Of How You Relate!


According to Alfred Adler, the father of Individual Psychology, "All problems are relationship problems." 

In individual coaching sessions, we use Relational Life Coaching to help you assess how you are relating to yourself, life, and others, and what tools, mindsets, and boundaries need to be learned and established to create more of what you want.

In private coaching you can work with either Jenny Morrow or Bryce Bauer to support you in working through three layers of context, and five stages of intentional change.

The three layers of context are:

- What do you want to have?
- What do you want to do?
- And who do you want to be?

We then move with you through the five stages of intentional change. 

1. Assessment - Identifying your current relationship situation, and level of relationship development (specifically in relationship with yourself and how you perceive other important relationships).
2. Getting Crystal Clear On Your Desires (Through the 3 layers of context above).
3. Aligning Yourself With What You Desire, and Strategizing Your Actions .
4. Learning New Skills (Especially In the Realm Of Learning More Advanced Ways To Relate With Yourself, Life & Others)
5. Optimizing Your Inner & Outer Environment To Support The Change
6. Mastering Your Psychology (Getting support to see your blind spots, and be able to question unhelpful stories/worldviews that are keeping you from what you want).

For example, if you want a more connected relationship life, better relationships with your kids, work that is more fulfilling, etc. we are going to get very specific in helping you form your desire.  We then break down how you are relating to the different components of what you want, help you learn the necessary upleveled skills, and create the outer environment, and the inner psychology to help support the change. 

In Individual Coaching you will learn a very specific process to help you break down the old, Traditional way, of relating to yourself, your body, your career, your partner/spouse/dating, your money, friendships, and more. From here you will learn how to establish aligned boundaries that will support you in developing an Advanced Relationship with yourself and creating the life you desire. 

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Individual Coaching Is Designed To Support You In...

  • Creating Secure Relationships
  • Creating A Powerful Marriage
  • Dating & Early Relationships
  • Resolving Financial Scarcity
  • Navigating Religious Transitions
  • Learning Healthy Boundaries & Communication
  • Deepening Self-Love & Confidence
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Creating Community
  • Facing Spiritual or Existential Questions
  • Creating A Work Life You Love
  • Leadership Development
  • Time Management
  • Your Relationship To Your Body or Health
  • Navigating Big Changes
  • And More...


You have the option to work with either Jenny or her husbaned, Bryce. You can learn more about each of them here.
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Jenny Morrow, MS, MFT

Jenny Morrow has spent the last twenty years in the fields of Personal Development and Relationship Science working as a Licensed Marriage Therapist, Relationship Coach, and Advanced Relationship Educator.

She is the founder of Relationship Life Coaching, a life coaching model designed to view and create change through the lens of relationship with self and others. The birth of this coaching model was inspired through her studies and experience in the fields of Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Marriage Therapy, Yoga, Psychology, Mindfulness and Visioneering.

Jenny is married to Bryce Bauer, and describes her relationship as an opportunity to be deeply real, grow in love, and feel intense joy. Jenny loves walking, yoga, teaching, trying different foods, and being with loved ones.

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Bryce Bauer, PCC

Bryce completed his first coach training in 2009 with The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA and went on to work for several drug treatment facilities in Utah, New Mexico, and Hawaii. 

After receiving his PCC from the International Coaches Federation in 2016, he moved into private practice and found that relationship struggles were often the common denominator in many people's life problems.  He did three, year-long intensive relationship coach trainings through the Relationship School, Relateful Co, and Terry Real.  He also served as an Assistant Course Leader for the Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships Course.

When he isn't geeking out about relationships or coaching, he is traveling with his wife, playing basketball, hiking, mountain biking, meditating, playing volleyball, and connecting with friends.  He is deeply devoted to self development and he seeks out the top experts in the areas of life where he wants to grow the most.

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Pricing For  Individual
Relationship Life Coaching

12-Session Individual
Coaching Package


*Save $200 off of session-by-session pricing.

  • 12, One-Hour, Private, Coaching Sessions.  (You have one year to use the sessions).
  • At the end of the 12-sessions you can continue on a session-by-session basis for a discounted cost of $150/session (rather than the normal $175 per session hour cost).
  • Access to the Advanced Relationship Mastery Course (a 15-Hour online course)
  • If you are interested in a coaching package, click below to set up a Free, No Obligation, 15-Min. consultation where I can find out more about you, your unique situation, and assess whether coaching with me would be a good fit at this time.  

Individual Session


SESSION-BY-SESSION COST (If You've Never Done A Coaching Package)

  • You can schedule Private Coaching Sessions with Jenny on a session-by-session basis.
  • Sessions are one hour.  If you would like longer sessions, you may set that up with Jenny ($175/hour rate).
  • This is a pay-per-session rate.  No coaching package required.
  • If you are interested in private coaching, click below to set up a Free, No Obligation, 15-Min. consultation where I can find out more about you, your unique situation, and assess whether coaching with me would be a good fit at this time. 

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(*Note: Relational Life Coaching includes a deep exploration of yourself and your relationships. While doing this work can be very transformative and supportive, it can also exacerbate certain conditions...such as active addictions, domestic violence, self-harm, and certain types of mental illness. If you have questions about whether or not coaching would be appropriate at this time, feel free to schedule a 15-min. consult and we will assess your particular situation).